Transforming into Bumble Bee……

Didn’t get much done today….the ex didn’t get the kids till lunch, it rained, it was cold and I wasn’t exactly motivated….So to maintain my minimum of one thing a day philosophy…I pimped a practice amp…

So take one rusty dirty, but working, practice amp with no knobs, from our friends at fender….

Pulled to pieces…..I even remembered to mark which cable goes where….a rare bit of forethought for me….

The hairdryer is to heat the vinyl and the can is adhesive not hairspray….The vinyl has been siting around for ages, it was a couple of bucks…It is good quality stuff but I didn’t know what to use it for….till now.

Set of wheels….a new set of fender control knobs I got given for free at the music shop today….Never hurts to be nice!!! Pretty Much done, just a cover strip around edges of speaker grill when it is painted and we are ready to rock!


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