Bloody Weather……

Everyone is always complaining about the weather, but nobody ever does anything about it!…. And neither will I. I have a house full of half finished projects, and not due to lack of motivation this time. I have a bed surround, bedside tables and a bookcase at various points of painting, but the weather has either been to cold, too windy or both to finish any of them. I finished the drawers for bedside tables last night as that was an indoor job….Really getting the hang of it by the last one….Now eyeing of other items for the same treatment….Shabby Chic isn’t my thing….Rockstar Chic on the other hand 😉

Working on an idea for some boxes…..I have lots of boxes…. So, not happy with it but it is a starting point… The Community Chest….
Still needs a lot more embellishment, So I may start again. I have a better idea for the outside I want to try, and the inside needs to be worked on too….
I like the idea of the get out of jail free card ;)


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