I am not Neville Chamberlain……

I was…..but not anymore…. apparently my new attitude is not leaning towards appeasement? Hypocrisy has never sat well with me…. In fact I thought that was the one thing I had in common with anyone I ever called friend… Seems not. So fuck it…. My game… my rules from now on….
Now those who view history in a very narrow way, judge Chamberlains politics of appeasement as folly…. another point of view would be that his “Peace in our time” paper waving, bought England the time it needed to arm itself for the upcoming war with Germany…a war that may not have happened if there had of been a less punishment orientated allied reparations demands….. Of course history is like that…. Subjective and always difficult to pin down to a single moment….
So too is the death of friendship or respect, is it one act alone, or the metaphorical final straw? I sometimes wonder if it me the creates some of the painful people I have to deal with….Surely these people cant live their life like that…. So maybe I bring out the worst in them? Possible? Maybe I am a reminder of reality, and not the pulp fiction fairy tale, the hypocrisy’s and self deceiving nonsense? Could be, but not something I created or perpetuate…
So peace in our times, will not be at the expense of my needs….
If I have to move….. Then move I shall…. On my own terms.  Its a small pond…. I can be a big fish….why the fuck not?  Not like I have to stop being me…. I had friends… I can have them again…..So…..


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