Hands Off the Angry Baboon Button…..

All right…..That may have been a minor meltdown. Feeling better for it though, So lets try and make today a warm fuzzy experience for all. Well that might be a little unrealistic…..Lets just try for being nice to those who appreciate the nice, and ambivalent to those that treat me with the same. That seems fair.

Today’s main jobs….Kids to Doctors for Whooping cough assessment, probably nothing, but easier for me to check it out now than leave it till it causes drama.

Also want to drop into hardware store if I can….many cans of black paint required for painting of furniture. Have done a full circle on what colour to paint bedroom furniture. In the start i wanted black, but that seemed to freak people out, so I worked on a few other ideas. Now back to black, as I know it will look good, and then I get the satisfaction of doing something that turns out fine even though others couldn’t see it.

I shall banish the orange pine to the hell of 70’s furniture where it belongs…..
The Evening Post…… Whoops still a little angry baboon in there….. Don’t txt when angry people, it makes you look like a fruit loop with no punctuation skills….

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