Monthly Archives: August 2011

Hump Day……

Wednesday that feels like Friday, project backlog due to cash flow problems…Markets this Sunday should set things right again, and get me the required supplies to finish a few things off…. Need spray paint and glue in large quantities…. Just like a homeless kid. Budgeting 400 for jewelry making equipment but that may need to wait till I sell some of the finished furniture items. I also like the look of the new Dremel 3 in 1. The router function would be handy….

This probably quite a sensible purchase as it would allow me to do some things that are currently to tricky with the current tools I have. Also looking at getting a regular rotary tool as well, the grinding and buffing tools would be handy and the cutting and drilling would be handy for jewelry etc…

So looks like October will be an expensive month for equipment…that’s better than the reaming i got on bills in September though.

Let them eat…..

One interesting result of being skint, due to car insurance, is that I have been unable to buy convenient ready made muesli bars and their ilk….this is interesting because I have had to bake and be all Martha Stewart. So far this week i have baked three different batches of muffins, cookies and tonight a very successful Madeira cake, combined with the chopping of carrots and portioning of sultanas my children have eaten everyday…. breakfast and dinner too…this is the month stockpiling staples has paid off…. and there is cake too….

Took another spin round roadside collection day suburbia today…. Not quiet the same disturbing haul as yesterday….Luckily.

Car load of junk….Great little chesterfield ottoman, with one broken leg…today located an original ottoman with very original legs, so a little swap and one nice ottoman with the only original part on most antique footstools, the legs! Everything else tends to get replaced over the years.

Also continued my Serial Killer of Couches hobby….Took down one huge brown one for its pelt and a few smaller ones for just their feet….So I now have a big pile of leather….

…..and the streets of Hazlebrook are littered with dismembered seating….


A completely pointless new post to say I have nothing to say today.

On the Make…..

Slow Sunday….Slept in….to warm and cosy to get out of bed early….House is mess…Had some fun with kids….Did some prep work on found lamps….Might get some undercoat them tomorrow, and see if I can find somewhere round here that sells silver leaf….

Got them stripped down and old wiring removed….the silver leaf may have to wait till I have a few more dollars in the back. So many projects stalled due to cash flow crisis at the moment…rego and insurance and a few other big bills are knee capping my work!!!

I am trying to decide if the effort and cost of changing the colour of the leather on this chair are worth it? I will sand and danish oil the wood, clean and respray the metal spring plates underneath and decide when I see how it comes up.

Lazy day….only finished project for the day was a quickie, and involved using the aga to dry glue….I enjoy watching the PVA turn from cloudy white to clear and shiny…

Coaster experiment turned out pretty well, and feedback on them is very positive…Got a few twists on the idea, that I will take a shot at soon.


Took some time out from the rigorous social and work schedule to clean my car….Horribly mundane but long overdue…So two hours of vacuuming and scrubbing my car is back to clean….needs a full detail at some point….but she is a shiny girl now….

but might wait till after the new stereo system goes in…. It is clean enough for kids to ride in….

I am really looking forward to getting a serious stereo in the car, the factory one is seriously lacking in everything…. And being able to use iPhone with stereo is mandatory….Mood related playlists make driving much more fun….Toying with the idea of putting a Sub in the boot….I am to old for that but I do love my bass…. I am also too old to give a shit what people think.