A lost weekend in a hotel in…..

Amsterdam…..damn I wish….Just a very long weekend that ends tonight….I should avoid having weekends that last 4 days….I am to old for it.  Love is a confusing beastie….especially the 2nd time round…it is a journey with a baggage hold full of luggage and a lot of other passengers.  It seems easier when you are young and stupid….two people and the rest of the world can go to hell…. Unfortunately the young and stupid and quite stupid and don’t realize how easy they could have it.   So we get older and hopefully wiser and accumulate stuff and kids and damage…and we then have to fit this person we love into a giant jigsaw puzzle that is our life….but of course they have all the same and different baggage and have to fit me into their jigsaw….How on earth anyone makes that work, without a working knowledge of quantum mechanics is amazing.

Maybe that’s what the love is for? It lets you forgive, forget, bend and twist that jigsaw into place….love is a crowbar.


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