Monthly Archives: July 2011


Spent the whole day in waiting for real estate agents (weasels) to do inspection…..10 till 2 my ass!!! Anyway over it….I am being dragged against my will to a school event tonight….A Pow Wow….or smelly hippies with drums and soup…The kids really want to go, so I will….But really not my bag baby!!! Hopefully due to the fact it is bloody freezing the whole thing will be brief….did I mention the soup? The mind reels at what it will be….The big money is on Lentils…. Where is a bloody thunderstorm when you actually need it?

Any update in a storm……

I am officially declaring July a bloody busy month….Holidays, trips, birthdays and outbreaks of the plague to name but a few. That and a hundred other little time eating buggers has me stuffed….So I am gearing up for a flat out August….
I have a new iPhone 4….My first actually…It takes a nice picture of a beer stein in the main street of katoomba, i will say that for it…
The evening post…… Early night tonight, big dull day of cleaning tomorrow. The joy of an impending rental inspection, a day of hard work so I don’t get tut-tuted by a real estate agent for having a dirty oven. The upside is my house will be clean.

The Rainbow Connection….

Someday we’ll find it….the lovers the dreamers and me……

Lapin Goes Boom!!!…..

So much for a week of getting things done…..A particularly nasty tummy bug, took down the kids and then me….The only thing being painted was the bathroom, and that wasn’t something you wanted to frame….it looked more like a crime scene in there, and the smell wasn’t helping anyone keep there lunch down….

I knew I was sick yesterday when I couldn’t get the kids to school….that is a good sign you are on your death bed…..If you can’t get the kids back to school for the first day back of the holidays, so you can get some peace, things are serious.

So it is Wednesday night….and I haven’t put pen to paper in days….As this appears to be a 48hr, not much after effect sickness, fingers crossed I will be feeling a hell of a lot better when I wake up tomorrow.

I can’t see on a pupil free day….

Three and a bit weeks of school holidays has not be that productive on the work side…..and for the school to have a pupil free day on the Monday of the first week back is quite frankly, taking the piss!!! The fact that my eldest is ill, and did a wonderful exorcist impersonation in vomit last night didn’t help….Why that boy needs to run past buckets and bathrooms to let me know he is vomiting is beyond me….I guess I should be grateful he kept it contained to two rooms and the hall last night. Though my organisational skills must be improving….I had his bed stripped, and him….everything in the washing machine and floor mopped in no time and he is looking much less green today. So hopefully he is better for the first day of school tomorrow.

So fingers crossed and knock on wood and etc. I might get something done this week…..assuming the drama clouds, that seem to be lurking clear up. I am thinking i need a kick start to get back into it….so a picture a day for the rest of the week is the plan…..they don’t have to be fancy just something everyday to post here and get myself back in the swing of it.