What day is it?…..

I am having a day were my brain is refusing to accept that it is not Friday!!! Got up early to take kids to Bathurst…..but that’s tomorrow. Let the fire go out because I wouldn’t be back till late….but that’s tomorrow. Made plans for seeing M….because I forgot my Dad was visiting…..and so on….

I wonder what day it will feel like tomorrow?

Not to worry, at this point it seems a long way away…..My eight year old has been wandering around the house for hours making the “WAKKA WAKKA” noise from PACMAN…..Another two weeks of school holidays…..What’s a bet this headache lasts for that long. Love my kids….I mean really love them….but just some days I wish the could both be quiet at the same time.

So off to Bathurst tomorrow to pick up my mate Mel…..Then back to Mountains for dinner at my place with Mel and the lovely M…. Hope they get on! They will…..

Evening Update…. Did some work on the robot bunny…..but not much. Now remembering why I couldn’t get much done before the kids went to school. Didn’t really get five minutes in a row today without declarations of hunger or life threatening boredom interrupting me. The horrible thought that people with children get divorced just to get 5 mins to themselves, has just occurred….not a nice thought. It probably isn’t true, just the idea of handing them over for the weekend was pretty damn attractive at about 3 o’clock today.

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