With a Laser Gun Daddy!!!…..

Another good day….I am keeping track, because I figure if the good days are outnumbering the bad I can’t complain…and they are. Feeling like crap, not emotionally this time, got a cold….blurrgh….Of course I do… First time in six weeks my girlfriend is not on nightmare night shifts, and we both get sick!!! I can’t think how I got it off her, or vice versa?…..oh wait 😉

So soppy romantic weekend is more likely to be zoned out on codral watching TV weekend….not the stuff of great love stories…Maybe I can get her to wear the nurse outfit….that might perk me up.

Started on a new picture today….at the request of my five year old daughter…..I was helping her draw some rabbits….She then asked if I could draw her “a bunny with a laser gun that looks like a carrot”….. Why not, it is a break from the Alice stuff, but still has a rabbit……

So I should get some sleep….and let the old immune system do its job. Damn winter and its associated malaise’s…. zzzzzz……hack…..cough…..zzzzzz

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