Everything is Upside Down Miss Jane…….

Night shift is a bitch…..and I am not even the one doing it. My lovely Em has been working nights for the last couple of months, this has seriously cut into the time we can spend together…..thankfully it is her last one tonight, though she is still working till 11:30 next Saturday and Sunday night….but at least we get to wake up together, or would if I didn’t have to do the markets on Sunday at 5am…..Hmmm may have to negotiate a deal with the Ex to keep the kids next Sunday night and I will get them Monday morning, don’t want to ask her as I am feeling guilty that she isn’t getting any weekend free time…..maybe I can offer her an extra Friday off when the holidays are over? or a piece of furniture…..or some shiny beads?

Good day at the markets today….very busy. Parted with a few of my better items…..but that is good….cleansing of the old life and all that….

And as is deemed fair by the gods of Karma and Kollectables, I made exactly the same amount I spent on the camera yesterday….Which is great, and seems right.


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