Red Red Wine…….

Spent Last night in Bathurst……Bathurst in winter is not selling me on a move…..Also decided it is the group of people you hit the town with that makes a night out…..Stayed in a pub… was…..well it was close to everything anyway.

Drank a bit too much….Stayed up a bit to late….dodged a fight….listen to a chisel cover band….well that is bathurst in a nutshell.

Woke up feeling like five miles of bad road, and a little worse the wear from over consumption and over exertion….but still stupidly happy.

So stupid in fact I went out and blew the arse out of my savings on a new camera, a camera is one of those things I promised myself ages ago and never got around to….well I just got around to it, and I will be off to the markets in the morning to sell off enough stuff to pay for it!!!!


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