What time is it Mr Wolf?…..

4:30 am is a bugger of a time to be awake….for those of us with young ones or jobs. You know you will probably be awake at 6 or 7 at the outside anyway. So is 4:30 to late to bother going back to sleep, or is it to early to get up? At 3 to 4 the decision is easy, stay in bed, bunker down try to zzzzzzz……… At 5am to 6am not so bad, get up, have the warm beverage of your choice, enjoy the quiet house before everyone else gets up.

Door Number 3 – Write in blog about pesky 4:30 time issue until you notice problem is resolving itself….. but then again, in winter 5am is no treat for the man who left his ugg boots at the other end of a cold hallway. So I may press on here for a bit.

Colloquially speaking, it is cold as a witches tit here at the moment. Evil mammaries aside that is still damn cold. Been ripping through the environmental unfriendly woodpile at a rate of knots, or cords, or faggots… Whatever you measure wood usage in.   Love it when people frown at me for having wood heating, Yes of course it’s bad for the planet, it’s not like wood grows on tree’s you know….. But I wish the money to pay for the wood did. That’s the problem with children, they complain if they are freezing in the house…Now if it was just me I would curl up in bed under a pile of blankets till spring like any sensible lazy person, but with kids I have to emerge from my cave, light fires, cook food and convince them to wear jumpers and such….

Hey look it’s 5am…..crisis over, return to your duties people, nothing to see here!!!!

The Afternoon Update – Busy morning, Pyjama day at school for the kids….This of course took 3 times longer than a usual day to get them ready, Something about having to get out of pyjamas in order to get into different pyjamas seems a bit pointless.

95% finished Cheshire Cat picture……I will leave it for now and add the final layer of shading and detail when I find the right frame, and frame of mind.

So in while I am waiting for the right frame and matt to appear, I have started work on yet another wonderland inspired piece……


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