Bad Phone……..

The Blackberry Storm is not in my good books!!!! It has this annoying little glitch of sending the mushy txt you are writing to your girlfriend, to your ex-wife….No really, it is not me being careless, it is my phone being evil!! No harm done, I noticed shortly after it was sent….so it was only awkward on one level, and not two.

Scenario 1 – Ex gets mushy email…..instantly realizes what a romantic and loving man she has lost and responds enthusiastically with declarations of love…..

Scenario 2 – Ex gets mushy email….. Then sends me a long email stating that, she knows I truly love her and want only her, but she just wants to be friends….

Both those Scenarios…..were avoided by my quick follow-up explanation, that and the fact that my ex is not a total dumb ass, and would have figured out there was a txt mix-a-lot going on anyway. So my guess is…..
Scenario 3 – Ex gets mushy email…… Instantly knows its not for her….. Suppresses her gag reflex at mushiness of txt…. Saves txt to show friends and dine out on story….

So bit of cringe for me…. and free drinks, chuckles and a good story for the ex…. No harm, No foul …..

Good try evil phone…… but not good enough!!!!


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