It can’t be that easy Mr.Maslow….

Feels weird…..I am happy and relaxed….not waiting for dropping shoes or anything. Hierarchy theory must be pretty bloody balanced at the moment….I personally think some stuff at the pointy bit on top dropped in, knocking a few other bits into place….a bit like an emotional well being tetris game.

The Evening Post –

So the ex arrived….Late as usual…..Strangely though I don’t mind, I was always a lot more forgiving of my friends than my wife. I think I was upset not at the end of the marriage but at the thought of losing a friend.

My girlfriend is now over the moon as I have told my ex about us and all is tentatively well….Girlfriend asked me to thank ex….might be a bit early for that 😉 but I know what she means…she is just grateful that everyone gets the chance to be happy….my girlfriend knows the destruction a vindictive ex can reek, and is very grateful for the chance at happiness my ex has given me….So am I now that I think about, that and many other things, we may have been a second rate couple, but she is a first rate friend.

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