That’s not a good colour for it……

The winter solstice has coincided with the moon exiting Uranus…..that metaphor doesn’t really work, just saying I am not well and been visiting the bathroom with explosive regularity……So not much will get done today……Unless the Jackson Pollock work I am currently painting the bathroom with counts? To much information? Probably but my bum is feeling like this today!!!…..

Other than that world is a happy smiley place….

The Evening Post –

Wow……great talk with the ex….I mean sad, but good….Like the final full-stop in the part with the anger and regret. It’s not magically fixed the friendship, the friendship that we probably never should been anything but…..but it really did feel like the start of the next bit. I know it will take time, and their will be awkward times, but we will be ok….I really believe that. We are bonded by 20 years of life and the two most amazing children that could of been a DNAster, but instead are gorgeous and amazing humans.

I think a lot of the people that decide to separate cause so much of the drama, and trouble because they want the other person to suffer for hurting them….and they find it very hard to get away from that….. thankfully I think we are both past that nasty stage….admittedly it may have been me causing that. We talked about the welfare of the kids, and the new lives we were trying to make for ourselves….. and how we got here…. and where we hope to go….. all stupidly grown up with only one awkward hug.


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