Aldous Leonard Huxley can Kiss my Ass….

My Drug driven Utopia rocks 😉 not really but i am starting to think that I have stopped needing the Prozac for depression and anxiety so much…..however it is still functioning as a wonderful aide to creativity and application….Obviously it works on the bit of my brain that used to distract me…..Bit worried this means I will have to find helpful doctors to be “depressed” at for ever….but I also hold the hope that once the gateway is opened, it stays open even when I am not taking the happy pills.

Off to Bathurst in a bit….looking after the kids at the ex’s tonight so she can go out with new “friend” and friends….It still stings a bit….but not for any good reason…maybe just ego? Wish I could have made her happy…..but I guess that’s what I am doing….She looks happier…and that is what I really want for her, and me and the kids….So happy apart was better than angry together….How very grown-up.

My new friends night shift work is killing me….and not to good for her….very glad there is only three weekends left of it….

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