Twelve impossible things before breakfast…..

So after pretty much talking myself out of going to bathurst next year…..My good friend and one of the reasons not to go, starts talking me round to the idea….she was dead against it last week….and I was worried it would put to much stress on our fledgling relationship. So still nothing carved in stone, but it is back on table.

Reasons against leaving mountains…..A big one is the clothing…..I love OP shopping here!!! This morning I scored a Ted Baker Blazer for $10….my wardrobe is completely filled with high end clothes that cost nothing…. I can’t give that up!! Not a very zen reason I know. Very nice coffee shops up here. Chance of bumping into ex and her partner De Jour in mountains – low….Chance of ex bumping into me and partner in mountains – low. Chances for awkwardness in Bathurst – high. Chances of Successful art career in Bathurst – more difficult. Mountains makes me a small fish in a weird bowl.

Reasons to go….Kids get to see their mum when they want, Variety of baby sitters on tap….Zero travel time, reduced rent and petrol… Chance of 9-5 job – high…. Bathurst makes me Big fish in small puddle, also a fish with a target on my gills!!!!


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