Head go boom…..

Yawn….Slept in…..kids late to school….I think I did to much thinking yesterday about the future. Taking a day of relaxing and movie viewing to calm down. Just watched Kick – Ass, while sorting the laundry. I’m a rebel 😉

Still a bit twitchy….even went the next Prozac a bit early. Downloaded a pointless app for the ipad, much easier to find than helpful ones.

So now I can have a roaring fire beside my bed that tells me the time and weather forecast….It will even wake me up in the morning with a view from my hotel in Provence…..

My 5 year old just pointed out the silliness of having a fire on the ipad and no fire in the fire place. Little wise arse. Just TXT-ing in my mate Mel in Lismore, telling her to stop being my mate in Lismore and get her but down here!!! I need the artistic motivation!!! I really think this book could be done by the end of the year if she was here.

Just checking weather report….Looks like there maybe a brief bit of sunshine on Sunday….So a trip to markets is needed.

Bit of last minute drama for the night….Little Miss Five year old drama Queen, lost her first tooth while brushing it tonight…..Many tears and questions about how the tooth fairy would know she had really lost a tooth!!! Two choices….Try and convince her the tooth fairy would know, smile while she slept so the tooth fairy would see the gap, kind of talk…….or get a wrench and pull the s-bend out and pray to the fairy gods!….The wrench and pray seemed easier.

If only all problems in my life could be sorted with a wrench….Tooth recovered and bagged under pillow….now I just have to wait around with my wings on and do the cash tooth swap without getting caught.

The deed is done!!! I am the god of tooth fairies!!!

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