Yet Another Monday…….

Let the Birthday week begin!!!! Every single birthday, since I was 12, has blown…..Call it the result of a broken home…bad relationships….or some crap like that….. So Happy Friggan B’Day Week!!!

Today is involving finishing my new studio off, working on an Alice picture and a Blu-ray of Crank….very relaxing…..

The Evening post…..Ahhh of course the traditional birthday shit storm approaches…. Silly of me to think it wouldn’t really. Probably bought half of it on myself this time….. got to learn to stop upping the obnoxious behaviour to the level where it gets a reaction…. I don’t mean to do it….just don’t cope very well with silence I guess. That is something I really need to get in check….That, and this nasty little see-saw effect that seems to be going on with getting my life together on a professional level vs falling apart on an emotional one…. I cant spend the rest of my life chewing Prozac like pez…. If this keeps up I will be very successful and miserable….I guess that’s better than just miserable.

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