Down the Rabbit Hole…..

Haircut has truly improved my mood…..It’s a little too Rock n Rolla, but what the hell it’s not like I have a day job. V.Relaxed day yesterday, Just hung about in a coffee shop, sketching and getting my head into a better place….been having a few serious tussles with the black dog lately, tussles that even the double dose of Prozac couldn’t scare away….I have always been prone to depression….but I have also managed to keep it check….and today feeling like I have a good solid leash on it…..

Thinking of doing a series of pictures based around Alice in Wonderland…..So I thought a good start might be, to have a shot at doing something in the style John Tenniel’s original Alice illustrations….and then evolve something of my own from those…..Here is my first shot at a Tenniel White Rabbit (unfortunately my scanner is too small to get his feet in, I think I need an A3 scanner)……


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