Wednesday……The Power of Three…..

Middle of the week….Hump day….if only….actually I don’t mind Wednesdays. My Daughters middle name is Wednesday…..I tell people it’s because of the Addams family, which in part is true….but also she was conceived and born on a Wednesday….It is a name she has grown into, my creepy little spider lovin monkey.

Just wrapping up another water colour tonight, I have birthday party to take the kids to tomorrow…Bathurst on Friday…..I have been considering a haircut…..I need a change….Tempted to walk in and ask for a HARD MAN…..This is amusing if you ever watched coupling. My hair grows so damn fast a good haircut lasts about two weeks before it starts to look crap…..So the inverse is true of a bad haircut…Two weeks is the longest it ever makes me look like I made a mistake…..I am going to forgo the head massaging and accidental chest bumps of my regular hairdresser, and go to a barber……This will either go fine, or necessitate the need for hats!!!

Denial over impending birthday…..actually it must be good denial because I honestly keep forgetting….I have a few things planned this time, so fingers crossed….bit rusty on this proper dating thing.

Almost finished picture…..Need it to dry before I can scan it…..It may seem strange putting in a lot of effort for a friends five year old, but seeing as my most of my pictures seem to end up on the walls of children’s bedrooms, presenting a nice framed pic at a party full of kids and parents is actually quite good advertising.

Almost 11pm……Picture finished….I will mount and frame it in the morning.

Watching Scrooged on Foxtel….I have watched so many adaptions of A Christmas Carol….I first saw it, or at least I first remember watching it at school in movie club, year 5 or 6 maybe…..16mm copy in a dimmed classroom…not sure which version it was…lots of rattling chains and open graves….and I loved it…..I watch every version I can…..I wish someone would put together a compilation of them….I have watched Christmas carol versions of Six Million Dollar Man, MacGuyver, I have seen Capt Picard leave the deck of the Enterprise long enough to play Scrooge. Family Ties, Black Adder and even the Muppets have had a go…..

I think I really only like Scrooged because it has Bill Murray in it, which reminds me of Groundhog Day…..another  great source of TV Time loop versions…Stargate and X-files have both done very good takes on it…also Star Trek, Xena Warrior Princess, Buffy and more recently Supernatural and Blood Ties.

Maybe it is telling that I seek out these two stories in any form I find them…..Obvious, but telling.


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