Thursday is the New Friday…..

Day Four of just getting on with stuff…..and I am just getting on with stuff. A quick run to school and back to finish framing picture….A clean of the house….Pick up kids….5 year olds Birthday party….Home for movie night with kids….it’s a full life 🙂 of course I will shoe horn in the stuff I want to do around that…. Coffee mainly… and some work of course.

Lunchtime – Present wrapped, House clean and a quick shower….Thinking about moving my bedroom into the front room, and putting the drafting table in the sun room…. That would make this a four bedroom house, I am not really using the other lounge room…..but I may leave that decision till after I look at a new house on Saturday morning.
After Party…..Oh dear God!!! 20 five year olds with limitless sugar and party noise makers……My ears are still ringing….Kids had a great time…..they are both now tired and complaining of stomache aches….Just like daddy after a party….Now I have a headache and no good time to blame it on….oh well, that’s being a grown up for you.

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