Monthly Archives: June 2011

What day is it?…..

I am having a day were my brain is refusing to accept that it is not Friday!!! Got up early to take kids to Bathurst…..but that’s tomorrow. Let the fire go out because I wouldn’t be back till late….but that’s tomorrow. Made plans for seeing M….because I forgot my Dad was visiting…..and so on….

I wonder what day it will feel like tomorrow?

Not to worry, at this point it seems a long way away…..My eight year old has been wandering around the house for hours making the “WAKKA WAKKA” noise from PACMAN…..Another two weeks of school holidays…..What’s a bet this headache lasts for that long. Love my kids….I mean really love them….but just some days I wish the could both be quiet at the same time.

So off to Bathurst tomorrow to pick up my mate Mel…..Then back to Mountains for dinner at my place with Mel and the lovely M…. Hope they get on! They will…..

Evening Update…. Did some work on the robot bunny…..but not much. Now remembering why I couldn’t get much done before the kids went to school. Didn’t really get five minutes in a row today without declarations of hunger or life threatening boredom interrupting me. The horrible thought that people with children get divorced just to get 5 mins to themselves, has just occurred….not a nice thought. It probably isn’t true, just the idea of handing them over for the weekend was pretty damn attractive at about 3 o’clock today.

With a Laser Gun Daddy!!!…..

Another good day….I am keeping track, because I figure if the good days are outnumbering the bad I can’t complain…and they are. Feeling like crap, not emotionally this time, got a cold….blurrgh….Of course I do… First time in six weeks my girlfriend is not on nightmare night shifts, and we both get sick!!! I can’t think how I got it off her, or vice versa?…..oh wait 😉

So soppy romantic weekend is more likely to be zoned out on codral watching TV weekend….not the stuff of great love stories…Maybe I can get her to wear the nurse outfit….that might perk me up.

Started on a new picture today….at the request of my five year old daughter…..I was helping her draw some rabbits….She then asked if I could draw her “a bunny with a laser gun that looks like a carrot”….. Why not, it is a break from the Alice stuff, but still has a rabbit……

So I should get some sleep….and let the old immune system do its job. Damn winter and its associated malaise’s…. zzzzzz……hack…..cough…..zzzzzz

Round Two……

Nope….too bloody tired….. Didn’t sleep well and don’t deal well with self created drama.  The worst part is I thought it was fine and then, same old crap. Can’t deal today….So I will set the kids up with games and DVDs and I will start on some new pictures.

No new pics done….Did some more on old ones….and unpacked new camera….battery on to charge.

Feeling totally drained after arguing all night slash day….need some sleep. I wont get any but I should.

Wondering what I should take my first photo of with new camera, is that silly? There is a bit of a superstitious karma streak in me, and I think the first picture should be of something important.

Update….. That’s pretty much me and the Ex in a nut shell….I send her a link to first apartment we ever lived in, as its for sale….She sends me an abrupt email about not being in a financial position to buy property, and has no clue it was meant to be an email to cheer her up…..It was a crap hole, and I thought it would remind her we had fun once….but instead I think she thought I was hassling her…. Oh well….

The Evening Wrap Up…. Bloody weird this relationship stuff…..hard to get used to a fight that ends in things being resolved and hugs…..This may seem weird as the ex and I never really fought….I thought for a long time that was good…..I don’t think it was. I don’t think we never fought, because things were perfect, quiet the apposite….because maybe neither of us was passionate enough about the other, to bother fighting to fix things…..


So a day that should have been fine has just spiraled out of control…..Vodka and Pineapple Juice…..Homer Hudson Cookie Dough Ice cream…..Third Prozac of the day and probably a couple more codral than I should have taken…… I am the Lizard King!!!! How da feck does life go wrong so fast?

Simple Day.   Get up a bit late…..Go see sleepy wonderful girlfriend when she finishes nightshift….drive to Bathurst through nightmare road works….Takes an hour longer than it should…..Sit in cafe for a couple of hours trying to draw…..Pick up kids….Have to bribe kids with lunch with ex to get them out the door….Surly distracted ex spends entire lunch hour scowling at waitress and watch alternately….Get stuck with $50 check and no petrol money….Go see old friend who spends entire time gushing about her new boyfriend and seeking reassurance she wont sabotage it….. I tell her you just have to go for it and hope …. For this sage advice I receive a box of cushions…. I finish my coffee go do a little shopping and then….. BLAM!!! Strange txts and mood swings …… Some days I should just stay in bed and pull the covers over my head…. Trying to be nice to everyone is hard work, or at least it is when you are feeling kicked in the guts. I really don’t get why my faults are somehow more damaging than everybody elses.

So I will eat enough ice cream to choke the pain that the Prozac and vodka hasn’t softened.

Don’t Blog Sleepy……

Long day…. Slash weekend….. Not sure what happened? Gone from Happy to tired…. Maybe the cold I have been fighting caught up at last.  Sad and snotty….need a long nap.