Day One……

Right…..Let’s get this party started…..Though I am not keen to admit it, been reading a lot of hippy-dippy stuff lately, and although the amount of grains of salt I have been forced to take some of the ideas with has probably done bad things for my blood pressure….I am embracing the positive….I know what colour my cheese is and so on. So I will see the ‘Life Coach’, read the ‘Way of the peaceful whatever’ and do all the silly stuff it takes to get my head back in the game. No regrets, no apologies (other than a small one for quoting a bonjovi song)…..So it is Art, Books and Success…..

More time working, less time bitching I think….I will probably be a web-log-a-holic for a while to keep myself on track……One update a day is completely inadequate till i can limit myself to one mood swing a day.

Midday……Side tracked slightly by sorting of CD collection…..but any progress is, well progress….Managed to find notes, story board sketches, and other bits and pieces for book….Having them in one place will make stuff a bit easier…Still have to get all the bits I have written on two different computers and ipad into one file….Going to see if I can do at least one hour a night on book….must admit that when the person who was doing the art for the book moved away it was a bit of a handbrake….Hopefully she will be back in a couple of months at the most…and I can get going with the book and other projects at full tilt….I have offered to share a house with her….with any other woman on the planet that might sound like a bad idea….but this is the one person I know who is more like me than anyone I ever dated or married….and oddly that makes us completely romantically incompatible…I like her to much, to be anything but friends with her….and I get the sense that she feels the same way…..the kids like her and she is an amazing artist….so I hope she gets her arse into gear and gets down here…She deserves to be more successful than she is…so she can help me with the art stuff and hopefully I can get her some of the recognition she could have, if she had the marketing ability of less talented, but more profitable artists.

Twilight……Hmmm Trying really hard to maintain the happy… a start on a new picture….Surly selfish people aside I am doing ok….


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