Was that a flatulent bird?….

Up at sparrows fart….waiting in line at the markets. Got here at six, gates open at seven…..not sure there is any great advantage in arriving early. Gives me a Chance to see the other market regulars in all there glory and helps me know that I really don’t want to be doing this forever.
I am here for the money…..totally broke…..I guess that describes most jobs….but I don’t want to be here or broke. Need to make $300 today to cover my share of the rent….I don’t even want to think about the electricity bill..

So not quite there….. only came home with $200…..and a coffee machine….not to bad…. I like Coffee, and have been known to spend a lot of time at coffee shops, so a coffee machine will actually save me money….and that how things work on Shayn’s ‘Justify That!’ game show…..


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