Change is good……Right????

Strange days indeed….March madness maybe? Sparkey has landed in Australia, and here in about 5 days….My seven year old will become my eight year old on Saturday….and my four year old turns five ten days later…..oh it it looks like my marriage of over 10 years is over….i think that last one might take a while to process.

I wasn’t going to be personal blurt guy in a blog, but to be honest not sure who else to tell. Oh and a stack of new tattoo gear arrived this week (deftly done change of topic). Found a undiscovered talent, or at least not discovered enough to be charging big $$$ yet talent. Guy in China making very nice hand made tattoo guns, I may have gone a little crazy but as soon as i got one of his tattoo guns i realized what a good gun was….brass and hand made, 🙂 other boxes contain everything else, inks, fancy power supplies and other scary fun stuff.

I am pretty much stocked and good to go, i just need a big tub of Vaseline and some Detol (as the actress said to the Bishop).

Busy days ahead…..never been so sad and so motivated…..

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