Can Someone pass me a Babel Fish?….

‘De ya hav en trouble unerstandin uz?’…..See my Irish accent is pants. Sparkeys Dad asked me if I had any trouble understanding them….Well no not really….I mean the odd word threw me…but it wasn’t like I was having to much trouble understanding them, well no more than they had understanding each other. That was an observation I had made on the train from Belfast to Ballymoney the day before. I sat looking out the window of the train, I was seated across from a father and son, engaged in a loud discussion about something, football possibly, I wasn’t really paying attention to the topic. What fascinated me were the constant requests to repeat what was just said, at least I assume that’s what ‘Wa’!??? accompanied by a quizzical look means. This conversation took most of the journey to complete, but i am not sure how much information was exchanged, I got to the point where I almost offered to translate for them. I decided not to, as that kind of thing spoils the anthropological moment, changing me from being an observer, into a tourist getting a right kicking.


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