Monthly Archives: July 2010

More Trains….

Once again I am on a train …..the train for Ballymoney….I doubt they will write a song….

52 mins in Belfast….

Well I can’t really say I have been to Belfast, now can I? The Train Station didn’t even sell  fridge magnets or snow globes!!! Another city to add to my list of places I will have to spend more time in, next time. A connecting train in less than an hour, time for a coffee and that was it. I was getting tired, the non-stop travelling on the back of a 24 hour flight was catching up with me now. Coffee done…Quick Cigarette…and back on the move…sigh..

Back on Track….

I love a train journey it is the best way to see the countryside, with out any exertion on your own part, and the best way to think. Leaving Dublin by train was one of those mixed emotion things. I knew I hadn’t enjoyed it much, but I was also fully aware that I would feel the same of any place if I only stayed in the tourist strip, and god knows my least favourite place on earth is the Gold Coast in Queensland. Hell on Earth and not in a good way, but the countryside that surrounds it is amazing. So I will give Dublin the benefit of the doubt, and next time I come back I will see it properly.

The train worked it’s magic though. The countryside slowly passing, gave me time to think, and sketch, and drink some coffee that tasted like it may have already been passed through several other passengers….but I was feeling better, and the further into the countryside I went, the better I felt. Then I saw a peat bog, and it made me happy….I have had the word peat bog in my head since the first year of high school, those seemingly pointless projects they keep you busy with…the only one that every really stuck was “The Peat Bog Man”…murdered and tossed in a bog and nicely preserved so generations of school children could mock his shriveled genitalia….fame is a fickle mistress my friends…but what I remember from that project, was the shrunken mans Tattoo’s….proper tribal…for someone in a proper tribe. So I continued the trip with a smile and a bit more confidence, I liked the coincidence…hell i love a coincidence…I like the idea of fate and circle of life and all that crap…not enough to buy a crystal and a tie die t-shirt…but I appreciate the little pointers along the way….My first ever view of a peat bog was a great big pointy pointer….Hakuna Matata Bog Man!!!