I am not playing XBOX…I am networking….

I am a member of a clan….Not a white sheet and crucifix burning kind of clan, but a group of older gamers from around the globe. Mature people that meet up in the virtual word to beat seven types of snot out of each other. Now one might think that any such organisation might be populated by couch bound under achievers, but this is not the case. This group is made up of people with a very diverse range of professions. Fire fighters, Members of the armed forces, Music producers, Television producers, Web designers, Graphic artists, Quantity surveyors to name but a few. This group also has a Tattooist, and he was the rarest of all Tattooists, one willing to share information. So I asked questions, some sensible, some stupid….but the questions were answered. Wonderful. Now the problem, I had met someone with the knowledge I wanted….Great…..However, I live in Australia and the only person willing to help me lives in Northern Ireland. That’s a problem….

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